January 2016 Blizzard

January 2016 Blizzard

January 2016 blizzard

New York

Before the storm

Below are some tips to prepare for the storm:

  • Keep your policy and other important documents together in a safe place.
  • Review your policy to understand your coverage—call your company or agent if you have questions.
  • Create or update your home inventory. Take photos of your possessions.
  • Note model and serial numbers.
  • Assemble original sales receipts and/or appraisal documents.

After the storm

Below are some tips to do after the storm has occurred:

  • Call your insurance company’s 24-hour claims phone number as soon as possible; provide policy number and other relevant information and documents.
  • Take photographs/video of the damage.
  • Make repairs necessary to prevent further damage, but do not make permanent repairs until your insurance company inspects the damage.
  • Save all receipts from temporary repairs.
  • Keep a diary of all conversations, emails and other correspondence with the company.

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