Moving? The MIA Group Can Help Make It Easier

Are you buying a home?

Things to consider when moving.

Moving can be a crazy, hectic time. The MIA Group is here to help make sure you don’t forget some important things along the way. As you create your moving checklist, your MIA agent can help you with details like transferring your insurance policies and much more. For quick answers to important questions, you can also call 516-216-4034.

Protect Your New Home

Because every home is different, be sure your homeowners insurance is up to the task of protecting your new one. Also, consider special needs that may apply to your new home, such as flood insurance.


Protect Your Important New Asset

If your family depends on your income to pay your new mortgage, protect against the unexpected with life insurance and disability insurance so that your family will have the funds to stay in your home.

Will you be renting?

Think About Extra Protection and Security

If you own high-value items such as jewelry, computers or collectibles, consider Personal Articles Insurance to supplement your homeowners insurance. And a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy may provide additional liability coverage for covered claims made against you by a third party.

Make sure your new home is secure by taking advantage of our home automation and security discounts.


Look Into Renters Insurance

Your belongings are probably not covered by your new landlord’s policy. A Renters Policy helps protect your possessions in case of theft, or damage by fire or covered claims that result from weather.


Some Items May Need Additional Protection

Protect valuable items such as jewelry, computers or collectibles by supplementing your renters policy with Personal Articles Insurance.

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