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Choosing the right auto insurance can be challenging, but The MIA Group makes it easier with our fast online quote process. We are there for you anytime, anywhere you need us, with helpful guidance. Get your auto insurance quote today.


How Will My Policy Change if I…

Add a New Teen Driver

Typically increase when you add a teenage driver to your policy, but you can save money if your child completes a Safe Driving Program or qualifies for the Good Student Discount. Your advisor can explain the impact on your car insurance and meet with your new driver. You might also want to think about a personal liability umbrella policy (PLUP) for additional risk protection.

Buy A New Car

If you’re in the market for a new car, remember that your premium may be affected by the vehicle safety rating and any special features like anti-theft devices. Some of our carriers have programs in select states which can help lower your premiums based on your car usage. Get a car insurance quote online now or call your advisor. Already a MIA Group client? Talk to your advisor to find out what your new premium would be.

Get Married

Congratulations! Auto insurance isn’t your top priority when you’re newly married, but it’s a great time to combine policies — which typically lowers your cost, simplifies  billing, and may help you to qualify for additional discounts. It’s also a good time for a broader conversation with your advisor about all your insurance needs.


If you plan on staying in the same state, simply give us a call or send an online request to update your auto insurance policy with your new address. If you’re moving out of state, you’ll need a new policy because each state regulates coverages and rates differently. Let us help you get everything in order.

Send A Child To College

You can expect your car insurance premium to change, depending on whether your child drives the car at school or leaves it at home. there may be student driver discounts, which can apply up to age 25 if your child meets all of the qualifications. Talk to your advisor about the details.

Change Coverages or Deductibles

Things change, and you may need to increase your level of protection or lower your premium. Give us a call before you decide to add or remove coverages or change coverage limits or deductibles on your auto insurance. You can always ask your advisor for advice.

We quote with several insurance carriers to get you the best prices.


Benefits Of Using The MIA Group

Get the protection you need at an affordable price. When you get an auto insurance quote today, we’ll help you get all the discounts you are eligible for and can customize coverage for a perfect fit. We even offer specialized car insurance for your antique or classic car. As you select coverage, remember that your premium will reflect the coverages and coverage amounts you selected. For example, if you choose lower coverage amounts, you may also pay a lower premium but may pay more out of pocket in the event of an accident.

Keep in mind a lot goes into determining your price, including the make, model and year of your car, where you live, driving habits, and your driving record — as well as coverages, deductibles, and limits. In most states, your age, gender, and marital status may be factors, and many auto insurance companies consider certain credit characteristics where allowed by law. Your advisor, or a member of our customer care team, can help balance coverage and price and confirm you’re getting all the discounts you’re eligible for.

What does an insurance broker do for you?

Unlike other insurance providers, an insurance broker works for you rather than an insurance company. Brokers use their professional knowledge and experience to help you properly assess your insurance needs, shop for the best value in insurance coverage and help you in the event of a claim.

Insurance may seem complex. At The MIA Group, we make it simple. Your advisor is there with friendly assistance when you need it, helping you find the right level of protection and get all the insurance discounts you deserve.

Things to remember in case of an accident: First, you can report a claim — online, or through your advisor. If there’s damage to your vehicle, you can choose your own repair shop or one of your insurance carriers facilities. Your  claims specialists help find repair facilities in your area, keep you updated on work being done, and process your claim quickly and efficiently.

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